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Sung Star Academy
Kum Sung Plaza
182 James St, Toms River, NJ
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also located in
Kum Sung Plaza....

Kum Sung Martial Arts
KS Fitness Center
We have taught children respect truth balance along with ancient techniques at Kumsung Martial Arts in one of our 4 Locations for the last 25 years and Dr. Sung has used his child psycology experience to make those attending a well rounded indiviual and a positive person......
Academic Kindergarten Program

Our unique and individualized planning enables your child to perform at his/her personal academic best. The curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards while using the most current creative, innovative state of the art materials available.

Our teachers create academic challenges for your child to develop and expand his/her creativity, use higher order thinking skills and develop a general fund of knowledge. This educational opportunity will develop a natural curiosity for learning and the tools to pursue it daily!

The goal in preparing your child's educational experience is academic excellence!

Kindergarten Development Program....

Parent Note...
Lunch and snacks will be provided by parent.