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Sung Star Academy
Kum Sung Plaza
182 James St, Toms River, NJ
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Kum Sung Plaza....

Kum Sung Martial Arts
KS Fitness Center
We have taught children respect truth balance along with ancient techniques at Kumsung Martial Arts in one of our 4 Locations for the last 25 years and Dr. Sung has used his child psycology experience to make those attending a well rounded indiviual and a positive person......
Dr. Sung and Mrs. Sung
Dr. Sung is a professor
in Child Psychology
Sung Star Academy is a state of the art facility created to fulfill the needs of children, and their families. Our school offers a multitude of age appropriate programs for many levels of development. Our curriculum provides the newest most current programs available. This will ensure a solid foundation and a confident future for all of our children.
Sung Star Academy is owned by the Kum Sung Family, a trusted name in Toms River for over 25 years

3 Large Outdoor
Recreation Areas

1 4ft Inground Pool

12,000 square feet
of Interior Space

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Teachers: •  NJ Certified Pre School
    4 years and up
•  NJ Certified Elementary     Education
Specialists: •  NJ Certified in Single     Subject taught to children
    (including Art, Music and     Spanish)
Paraprofessionals: • Trained in age appropriate    roles
The whole facility
is under recorded surveillance
State of the Art Passkey Entry System

Pass-Key Entry -------- Recorded Surveillence Systems