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Sung Star Academy
Kum Sung Plaza
182 James St, Toms River, NJ
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Kum Sung Martial Arts
KS Fitness Center
We have taught children respect truth balance along with ancient techniques at Kumsung Martial Arts in one of our 4 Locations for the last 25 years and Dr. Sung has used his child psycology experience to make those attending a well rounded indiviual and a positive person......

The Wobbler program's focus is a gentle balance of exploration and exposure to child friendly learning. It is during this age that more ability blossoms. Your baby will begin to gain balance on two feet, stand and independently walk. Gross motor activities will be a large portion of their schedule, while age appropriate eye-hand coordination will be encouraged.

At Sung Star Academy, we realize that it is normal for each child to develop as an individual. Our program will enable your child to develop naturally at his/her own pace, while establishing individualized goals for personal success.

 Wobbler Development Program....

Support the development of language skills

Continue to foster motor skills development, including balance and eye-hand coordination

Encourage age appropriate social behaviors and positive interactions with children and adults

Introduce potty training as developmentally appropriate

Parent Note...

Developmental milestones are as important to our Staff as they are to you. An effort will be made to video or photograph the "first steps" your youngster may take during their day with us.