The Sung Star curriculum has been created to meet the needs of all developmental levels for children under the age of eight. Our program is designed to provide your child with a learning environment which meets each child’s social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs. Our philosophy is to expose, expand and explore areas of curriculum in as many ways as possible. Each child will be encouraged to develop as individuals at their own personal pace.

Sung Star’s curriculum has been designed by blending the very best of educational theories. Much time has been spent researching the most current and reputable curricula, making it unique for Sung Star Academy. We have created our curriculum based on educational masters that focus on multi sensory teachings, child centered philosophies and creative experiences.

With a Korean philosophy in mind, the driving force is to focus on age appropriate child development and the teaching of patience, building self-esteem, truth, honor and respect for self and others. In doing so we are praising children and assisting them to make good choices. We have found that this approach creates positive behavior. The use of continuous re-direction and a rigorous curriculum guides youngsters to make intellectually appropriate and positive choices.

We recognize that all children possess a natural curiosity. This allows a child to develop as a complete well rounded individual. One of the many program priorities is the development of a positive self-concept. In our stimulating and secure atmosphere, our children are guided through daily activities that encourage critical thinking, reasoning and evaluating the world around them This global educational approach provides opportunities, experiences, exploration and exposure for all children to be successful.