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Sung Star Academy
Kum Sung Plaza
182 James St, Toms River, NJ
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The words "Kum Sung" have become a household name in Ocean County. We run a family business that has been educating youngsters, children, teens, adults and families successfully for over a third of a century. We feel that a genuine commitment to education is what has contributed to our success and credibility.

The "Kum Sung" philosophy is the Korean philosophy of sincerity and respect. If these qualities are built into a child's life, they will become part of their personality. Sung Star Academy will educate all children to be successful and strive for their personal best. The curriculum will embellish individual developmental levels and guide children socially, emotionally and academically.

"Together with our families we build parenting into our daily schedule. It is done without the intent of replacing parents and is accomplished through effective communication. This is one of the many ways we meet your child's individual needs."

"With an abundance of love and attention, we believe that each child should have the opportunity for his or her 'personal star' to rise." At Sung Star Academy we strive to accomplish this.

"Your Kids are our Kids too!"

Sung Star Academy is owned by the Kum Sung Family, a trusted name in Toms River for over 35 years
The Korean Philosophy of Education
A Message from Dr. and Mrs Sung ....
Dr. Kahm Sung is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and majored in Child Psychology and Education
Mrs. Sung is a Nutritionist
also located in
Kum Sung Plaza....

Kum Sung Martial Arts
KS Fitness Center
We have taught children respect truth balance along with ancient techniques at Kumsung Martial Arts in one of our 4 Locations for the last 25 years and Dr. Sung has used his child psycology experience to make those attending a well rounded indiviual and a positive person......
The Sung Star curriculum has been created to meet the needs of all developmental levels for children under the age of eight. Our program is designed to provide your child with a learning environment which meets each child’s social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs. Our philosophy is to expose, expand, and explore areas of curriculum in as many ways as possible. Each child is encouraged to develop as an individual at his/her own personal pace.

Sung Star’s curriculum has been designed by blending the very best of educational theories. Much time has been spent researching the most current and reputable curricula making it unique for Sung Star Academy. We have created our curriculum based on educational masters that focus on multi sensory teachings, child centered philosophies, and creative experiences.

With a Korean philosophy in mind, the driving force is to focus on age appropriate child development and the teaching of patience, building self-esteem, truth, honor, and respect for self and others. In doing so we are praising children and assisting them to make good choices. We have found that this approach creates positive behavior. The use of continuous re-direction is what guides youngsters to make correct and positive choices.

We recognize that all children possess a natural curiosity. This allows a child to develop as a complete, well rounded individual. One of the many program priorities is the development of a positive self-concept. In our stimulating and secure atmosphere, our children are guided through daily activities that encourage critical thinking, reasoning, and evaluating the world around them. This global educational approach provides opportunities, experiences, exploration, and exposure for all age children to have the opportunity to be successful.

• Our program is planned to expand each child’s individual strengths and to    support undeveloped skills.
• Our program must be in harmony with individualized child development and      learning theories for the particular age group. Monthly themes have been      created for the school year and summer camp. Although the themes are    identical, they are interpreted at an age appropriate level for the purpose of       instruction.
• Our activities that are planned are based on the premise that children learn by    doing; and that they learn through play.

Through active parent participation, our program extends beyond our classrooms and into the home. It reaches the child’s first and only consistent teacher: the parents! Our philosophy includes our families in the education process as well as in the classrooms.

Curriculum involves fundamental principles and beliefs
Sung Sar Academy is a state of the art facility created to fulfill the needs of children, and their families. Our school offers a multitude of age appropriate programs for many levels of development. Our curriculum provides the newest most current programs available. This will ensure a solid foundation and a confident future for all of our children.