To ensure that we are able to address any potential health issues that may arise, we have a Registered Nurse on staff five days a week. Having a school nurse ensures that our students health needs will be meet by a health care professional. Our nurse is able to immediately address any illness, injury, or medication administration that may become necessary.

She doesn’t just treat injuries and illness, she also trains school staff on a variety of subjects including first aid, proper sanitation and hygiene issues, as well as safety and injury prevention.Our nurse also develops lesson plans and teaches weekly health lessons to our kindergarten and first grade students. Topics include: nutrition, exercise, heart healthy habits, bullying, and self-esteem.

My name is Meagan Buchansky I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2012.  I have been with Sung Star Academy since 2014.  Some of my duties include but are not limited to assessing injuries, dealing with ill students, fixing “boo-boos”, administering medication to children, allergy issues,maintaining health records on the students, training staff on issues regarding health and safety, teaching health classes once a week to our Kindergarten and first graders and assisting in anything else i am needed for.  I am extremely passionate about working with young children and I always begin my day with a smile.  Not only am I a mother of a three year old but I have worked with young school aged children for over 10 years.